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When you choose to become a non smoker, you are not giving anything up at all – you are gaining everything!

Stop smoking in Colchester Essex

You’ve seen the adverts … “about “trying to give up” smoking by using substitutes. Trying to do anything suggests the possibility that it may be non too easy! If you replace one habit with another one that contains some of the exact same toxic poison that was in the first habit – well, I am sure you can work out the rest for yourself!

When you choose to become a non smoker, you are not giving anything up at all – you are gaining everything! So you enjoy smoking? Why not? It is a habit that is familiar, reassuring and gives the clever illusion of calming you when you’re feeling stressed. Try this – take in a slow deep breath, hold it for a couple of seconds, then let it out slowly ….. recognise that feeling of calm?

Some people say “I could get run over tomorrow” – well, yes you could – but would you deliberately stand in the middle of the road waiting for it to happen, and also pay someone a huge amount of money to watch you do it?

If you’ve answered yes, please skip the rest of this page!

Stop Smoking Colchester

Smoking is not an addiction in the sense of needing it 24/7, it is purely a psychological “addiction” – an illusion cleverly held in place by your personal belief system. Your subconscious is very powerful, and whatever you tell it you want, it will work on your behalf to achieve it. So when you choose to become a non smoker, to stop paying over a fortune for someone else to poison you slowly, you’re telling your subconscious that you want to live a long and healthy life.

Do you?

If’ you’ve had enough of spending your hard earned cash on feeding your body with obnoxious, toxic substances that keeps you prisoner, you could choose to use the power of your subconscious to become free now – all you need to do is call me – one session and your strength and determination to make your own choices could be regained – will you take that opportunity?

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"Hypnosis is widely promoted as a treatment for various long-term conditions and for breaking certain habits."

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