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Many clients ask me for snippets of information about various everyday aspects of life that can be helped with hypnotherapy, so I have decided to set up this monthly newsletter. If you have any specific questions relating to hypnotherapy please e mail, and I will add it in as a topic!

January 2016

Is this the year you're going to release old habits, thoughts and feelings that are using up valuable energy? People often make New Years resolutions then find themselves slipping back into the old ways ... did you know that hypnotherapy can help you to make those...

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September 2015

Do you suffer from anxiety when faced with a social situation? Perhaps you find yourself blushing when strangers speak to you? Before going into the social setting, close your eyes, and imagine a large oval mirror. In the mirror you can see yourself, walking into the...

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August 2015

A little gift of self-hypnosis for you to enjoy: Find yourself a comfortable place to sit or lie down, turn off your phone, give the dog a bone and r-e-l-a-x. Tell yourself how long you need before you want to bring the session to an end – your mind will do the rest!...

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July 2015

  ESSEX HYPNOTHERAPY BWRT Have you ever wondered why some children in one family are different to each other, even though their upbringing is the same? Well, the answer lies in our natural born instincts! This explanation might help the school holidays to be enjoyed...

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June 2015

The month of summer, sun and fun! Just a little while until the school holidays, so time to sit back, relax and take stock. I had a lady come to me last week who became very stressed at this time of year, anticipating having to book holidays, entertain children etc....

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May 2015

What a great start to the month – a wedding, sunshine and the opportunity to help new clients find what they love about themselves – being able to be themselves! Sometimes just talking to an experienced therapist is enough to get the ball rolling, and before you know...

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April 2015

Spring is well and truly on its way! We all need to take time out sometimes, just to focus on the moment. If you find you are feeling stressed or rushed, just 15 minutes could revitalise your mind and body, enabling you to get on with your day. You could even do this...

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March 2015

Spring is everywhere – a new beginning! This is typically the time of year when people review their life situation, and decide to have a “de clutter” – a spring clean of the mind! If this is you, think about what you would change if you knew you could. Maybe make a...

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February 2015

Well here we are in cold February – just around the corner from Spring and a new start! I often have clients come to see me because they feel they are being pulled in different directions by their own thoughts. You know that feeling – you do one thing, but wish you...

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January 2015

And here we are in January! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year….this is the time many people decide it’s now or never to make that change and start a new exciting career. Being a Professional Hypnotherapist is one of the most rewarding careers I can...

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December 2014

I am posting this a few days before the start of the month as it’s a really busy time, with clients wanting to feel their best for Christmas and the New Year. Just as we maintain our cars and our homes, it is always a good idea to maintain your own wellbeing by...

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October/November 2014

Two in one this month, as it is such a busy time of year – some clients wanting to feel their best for Christmas, others wanting to be able to cope with the rush, others recognising Christmas as an opportunity to make those changes they have been putting off for a...

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September 2014

This month’s topic is the great range of self help CDs which are now available through this website! Hello again – Hopefully by now you will have seen the great range of self help hypnosis CDs that are now available. Just go to the page on the menu and click on the...

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August 2014

This month’s topic is relationships! How many times have you heard others talking over each other – or maybe you have done it yourself? It is the difference in language that disconnects people from each other. There is never a win-win situation when people are...

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