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Hypnotherapy and related techniques are available to you to enable you to release that phobia that has been getting in the way of your life – call today for a confidential consultation, and set yourself free!

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A phobia is an intense fear resulting from exposure to a specific object or situation. There are literally hundreds of different phobias, but behind each one is an absolute, unequivocal need for the person to avoid the trigger.

A phobic response is an interaction between learned behaviour/response, environmental triggers and the brain’s chemistry.

Some phobias are a result of one event that created negative emotions, and the response at the time becomes a learned response that is repeated within a rerunning programme to specific triggers.

Childhood anxieties, parental fears and responses and distorted thoughts can also result in a phobic response. Often, when a phobia originated in childhood (which is the case frequently) the memory of the original trigger has been repressed, or hidden, and the person has no idea why they respond the way they do to certain stimuli.


Sometimes a phobia is the result of associated environmental factors. An example of this would be agoraphobia. If a person experiences ongoing feelings of high anxiety, and something happens when they just happen to be out in an open space, the brain will produce the phobic response to the environment, rather than the event which happened in the environment.

A person with claustrophobia may have at sometime felt “trapped, cornered, no way out”…but it may have been an emotional response rather than a physical situation. Then, when they find themselves in a confined space, those same feelings occur, and the brain reacts in the same way it did to the original emotional response. This often happens to people who have been in a less than comfortable home environment as a child, or in a relationship that was unhealthy.

A phobia is totally different from a strong feeling of dislike. A person may really dislike a spider being in the room, and they will not rest until it’s either killed or removed. A person with a phobia of spiders would be unable to leave the room, or take their eyes off the spider’s movements around the room, and they certainly wouldn’t be able to remove the spider themselves.

A person with a phobia will do everything in their power to avoid the situation or object. They will be on constant high alert in situations when the trigger could occur. If they find themselves in a situation when the phobic response is triggered, the urge to run away is almost overwhelming, and logic has no place in that response. A strong emotional reaction, such as screaming or crying may occur – remember that this response would be natural and helpful in a situation where there is actual life threatening danger, but here the body’s response is out of place.

Hypnotherapy and related techniques are available to you to enable you to release that phobia that has been getting in the way of your life – call today for a confidential consultation, and set yourself free!

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