Hypnotherapy Specifically for Women

As the majority of my clients are ladies, I felt it would be a good idea to add in a page just for you!

We all know that women have many life transitions to move through on their journey, and this page will offer some insight and help. If there is anything you would like specifically answered, please feel free to e-mail me via the website.

Here I am giving an overview of the main stages of a woman’s life and how hypnotherapy can help, but of course there are many offshoots and different situations that you may need help with.

The Teenage Years

If you’re a teenager reading this, I appreciate this time can be challenging in a lot of ways. All of those hormones racing around, the feeling that independence is the best thing since sliced bread (so long as mum is there to pick up the pieces if the bread goes stale), and peer pressure to get it right. It’s when anxiety can be at a peak, and atmospheres can feel tense with mood changes.

Anxiety is fuelled by fear, and this time in a young woman’s life carries all sorts of worries. Exams, career choices, periods, needing to be heard, needing approval, wanting to showcase your individuality, falling in love, experiencing rejection, and the overarching feeling that no-one on the planet understands you except your best friend. Many teenagers develop fears that they keep to themselves, with mood changes and often anger being the result.

Teenage Woman

Example: I recently saw a young lady aged 14 who had to go to hospital for a series of tests involving, among others, blood tests. Her mum said she had been “impossible to live with”, slamming doors, refusing to eat and generally being a pain. Once I had a chance to speak to the young client on her own (with mum’s full permission), it transpired she was terrified of needles. She felt she was weak and stupid, and was refusing to have the tests, even though her condition was potentially serious.

I asked the young client to write down every element of the fear, so it became smaller, easier chunks to deal with. Using hypnosis and psychotherapy techniques, we worked together to bring the elements of the fear right down to a manageable level. We then played through the whole series of events of the day in question, from waking up and getting ready, to successfully having the tests and coming home to relax and chat to her best friend. All of this was done with the client in a very relaxed state of mind.

A couple of days later, I had a call from the young client’s mum, saying her daughter had been so relaxed at the hospital, one nurse remarked that she wished all patients could be so calm.

When a person buys into the belief that something will be bad in some way, they then expect it to be bad, and the mind responds very obligingly by creating and maintaining the fear to create avoidance. In this case, hypnotherapy was used very successfully to gently challenge the belief that the hospital tests would be bad, and the outcome was a calm patient!


Pregnancy and Birth

An exciting and challenging time in a woman’s life is the news that the first baby is on the way. For most women the mix of emotions can feel overwhelming. Not only is your body changing, but your role in life is about to change, and a new dimension added to who you are – a mum to be! For those women lucky enough to be in a stable relationship, the news of the first pregnancy can bring you and your partner closer as your share your journey into parenthood.

By enjoying hypnosis sessions, talking about your feelings, and using self-hypnosis, whatever your circumstances you can learn to associate giving birth with feeling calm and relaxed. Hypnosis can enable you to really connect with your baby, and to welcome the changes as they happen, and when the time comes to meet your baby for the first time, you can feel a real rush of closeness as the bond is made.

Whatever your circumstances, learning how to be calm, confident and in control is a major step in coping and with the help of a professional hypnotherapist you will be able to maintain that calm feeling throughout your pregnancy and beyond.



B from Colchester:

This is the second time I have had hypnobirth by Lynda, I found it so helpful with my first child so I knew I wanted to do it again with Lynn for my second. What I love about Lynda’s sessions is they are one on one and very personal. I didn’t realise how much I needed the sessions until I turned up for my first session and how much anxiety I had built up about the birth.
After the sessions I felt so much more relaxed about the birth and couldn’t wait to meet my baby.
I had my baby nine days early, I woke up with bleeding so I went in to triage at Colchester Hospital at 6 am so they could monitor me. At 8.30 they said the machine had picked up contractions and I was 3 cm I had not felt them, they thought the bleeding was a show. The doctor did a sweep by 9 o’clock I could feel surges every 10 minutes. They put me on the lexden ward to monitor me and I just kept breathing through my surges remembering everything Lynn had said it all came back to me.
By 11.30 my surges where getting stronger and every 5 minutes. They where very busy and there was no room for me on the Juno suite but they said they would send me down as soon as they can. I was still on the ward at 3.30pm and the surges were every 3 minutes, I told the midwife’s because I was so calm they asked if I was at home would I still be doing things I said yes.!! There was so many distractions on the ward baby heart monitors, television and people talking but still I blocked all that out and breathed through the surges just like Lynn said. By 4pm we were getting restless my partner went for a walk and to get some chocolates. I went to the toilette and had a sudden urge to push I pressed the emegancy button and they quickly examined me and felt a head, within minutes I was being wheeled down to the delivery suite in a wheel chair. I managed to ring my partner who came quick. We just managed to get in the room, I had breathed her down to fully dilated two pushes and my baby was born at 4.25pm. noone could believe it!!, It was known as a rapid delivery the midwife’s couldn’t believe how calm I was and that was all because of the hypnobirth. I would of liked the birthing pool, dark room and music but it wasn’t meant to be. Hypnotherapy enabled me to breath through all the distractions and situations, and I had an amazing natural birth and quick recovery, I can not thank or recommend Lynn enough.


I see a lot of ladies who are either coming up to, or going through the menopause. As with other life transitions, women often buy into the stories other people tell, such as mothers and grandmothers, which in turn creates a belief that the menopause is somehow the end. Women tell me they are worried that they no longer feel attractive; they’re unable to think straight, and generally feel very low. Weight gain is one of the biggest concerns of women approaching or moving through the menopause, and this in turn can fuel the feeling of being less attractive than they were before.

Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy techniques can bring about a lasting change in how a woman sees herself during this time. In the old days, the menopause used to be called “the change”, but of course in reality it is an opportunity to be free from so many monthly problems for some women. Talking through the fears and worries, and creating a list of each aspect of your concerns will immediately have the effect of helping you see things in a different way. The big generalised worry becomes smaller concerns that are much easier to deal with.

Once they see the situation in a different way, many clients are very happy when they realise that there will be no more migraines, no more monthly expense, PMT, physical discomfort, restrictions on activities and so on.

Whatever aspect of the menopause you may be concerned about, why not call for an informal, confidential chat? There’s no obligation, but you could find that you soon feeling like yourself again, enjoying your new found freedom!

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Just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for our first session this morning. I hadn’t expected to feel this much happier and like a huge, huge weight had been lifted; quite so early on in our sessions.

I know it will take time and there isn’t a ‘quick fix’, but I’m looking forward to working with you and getting to a much happier and content me!

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