Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy can show you how to be in control of your choices and decisions, and therefore your weight management- easily, effortlessly and naturally.



This is an in depth 6 week programme that helps you to understand the emotional and physiological factors behind your weight gain. The programme is only suitable for those clients who are 100% committed to making the necessary lifestyle changes to achieve successful and permanent weight loss. The programme does not make room for excuses! It is a very strong, positive programme in which we work together to enable you to change your mind-set around food. Diets will only work while you’re on them, whereas this programme gives permanent results because you stop making excuses for being fat, and accept that you are the only person who can change your habits and beliefs. This programme is for clients who are looking for no nonsense, no excuse, and straight talking yet very supportive approach to losing weight.

Throughout the programme, we will have daily contact by text or e mail, and you will be asked to bring evidence of your progress with you each week. An emergency only SOS contact will be put in place for you, should you ever find yourself needing that extra mile of support. At the start of your programme, you will be weighed, and a photo taken (with your permission), which will be sent to you by ‘phone immediately, and I will explain how the photo will help you to achieve successful weight loss. You will be asked to keep a daily journal of what you eat and drink, your exercise activities and feelings, including your daily successes!

You will be given valuable information on how sugar creates fast weight gain and mood changes, together with suggested meal plans.

This programme is driven by results, and weekly weight loss is not only achievable, but a necessary part of your success. I will support you every step of the way, and use strong motivational coaching techniques to drive you and increase your confidence.

Hypnosis is included in the programme, but that is only part of it. You will be taught how to use self-hypnosis at home, which will reinforce the work we’ve done during the sessions.

If you are someone who has had enough of dieting and piling on the weight once you stop the diet, who is fed up hearing your own excuses, has lost self-confidence due to your weight and is determined to stop being fat, then this programme is for you.

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Weight Loss

This has been an amazing journey (so far), a life enriching experience!

Having suffered weight issues since my teens, with any crisis sending me to seek comfort in the most calorific foods, I have never been able to stay in control of any weight loss I have achieved!

After the birth of my daughter, and the emotional rollercoaster ride that followed, my weight spiraled out of control. I hit rock bottom and hated everything about myself.

Seeing Linda’s advert gave me hope…..and the subsequent phone call I made, began to change my life.
I could taste success even before the therapy started! Linda helped me to believe in myself again and after my first session, which released years of pent up feelings and emotions – I have not looked back!

Therapy with Linda, has rebuilt my confidence, raised my self esteem and installed in me strategies to take back control.

Six weeks on, I have lost a stone in weight, feel happy with myself and am eager to continue …….
I have booked a further four sessions on a fortnightly basis to build on progress and success

A Satisfied Client

Hypnotherapy and motivational coaching techniques will show you how to be in control of your choices and decisions, and therefore your weight management- it’s up to you to put in the effort and achieve a slimmer, healthier body.

Perhaps you have tried a number of diets and slimming programmes for weight management that have worked really well for you while you have been on them, and then as soon as you stop the diet, back comes the weight, often with a little more added, and your confidence starts to go south. The reason is excuses! So often I hear clients say they planned to start another diet, but because they had a wedding/party/weekend away/ holiday to go to, or whatever other excuse they could think of, they just kept getting fatter!

Once you start slipping into your old ways, habits that were suspended during the diet soon return, together with all of the excuses. You know what your own excuses are, and you know your own triggers for overeating sugary, fatty foods, and together we will put those triggers firmly in their place, so that those old habits are thrown out for good.

Unless you have a medical condition, there is no reason for you to be fat – you are too gorgeous!


Willpower alone can only ever give temporary results, whereas by changing your whole lifestyle approach to food permanent positive change can be achieved, by you investing your time, effort and money into melting the fat away for good this time. Excuses are for lazy people, and that’s not you, is it?

Many clients report an increase in confidence in other areas of their life after experiencing the positive motivation of this programme. The feeling of being in control of your own choices is very liberating! An in-depth consultation forms part of the programme, which ensures you have the opportunity to be completely open about your relationship with food, in a confidential environment. You bring the determination and motivation to succeed and together we will make sure you do.

Diets often give a feeling of being restricted – not being “allowed” to eat the foods you enjoy. Hypnotherapy and motivational techniques enable you to make the right choices naturally, so you can enjoy choosing healthy foods, and feeling comfortably full after eating just the right amount for you. No more overeating, no more cravings or snacking – all of those feelings were created in the past by “not being allowed” to eat something you enjoy. If you are someone who is sugar sensitive, you won’t just see the weight coming off, you will be saying goodbye to tiredness and moods swings as well. This programme is about so much more than just your weight!

In addition to celebrating your weekly weight loss success, you will be offered helpful advice and discussion on eating healthy foods that you like, with some recipe suggestions that don’t taste like a lettuce leaf!

A complimentary consultation is offered either in person, via Skype or over the ‘phone, which will give you the opportunity to ask questions, and for me to find out about you, so that the programme can be tailored exactly to your needs.

Please note this programme may not be suitable to use if certain medical conditions exist. Your GP will be contacted for permission if I feel it is necessary.

By reading this page you have taken the first step – I look forward to meeting you!

Weight Loss in Colchester, Essex

Weight Loss

Clients often come along looking for solutions to the fact that they just can’t seem to lose weight no matter what they try. The first thing I ask them is if there is excessive worry or anxiety in their life at the moment. 90% of the time the answer is yes! It is natural to have some anxiety, as it’s part of our protection against danger, but when it’s excessive and out of proportion to the problems, it affects the whole body.

People who are affected by anxiety and/or depression often have poor quality sleep, which means their restorative sleep – the bit that balances the body and mind – is in limited supply. For a person who is also overweight and attempting to do something to reduce their weight, the anxiety-sleep-anxiety cycle plays a big part in keeping the weight on.

It’s all down to those pesky hormones that we ladies have flying around our bodies constantly!

A good night’s sleep increases the amount of a hormone called leptin, which tells the body when to stop eating, by giving us a comfortable feeling of being full. Less sleep results in more production of the hormone ghrelin, which tells you to eat more! It follows therefore that if we spend a lot of time during the day worrying and feeling anxious, it is difficult for the brain to rest at night. The pre conscious part of the brain will try to sort out the days worries, and will produce excessive REM sleep, which reduces the amount of useful, restful sleep.

It’s a vicious circle. Poor quality sleep = lack of energy = eating more carbs = lethargy =no exercise = restless sleep = weight gain.

If this feels familiar to you, it would be worth writing down what is worrying you, in order of importance, and attempting to do one thing each day towards resolving the things that can be resolved. For the things that can’t be resolved or changed, working at acceptance can set your mind free so you can sleep soundly at night, knowing it’s going a long way towards helping you to lose that weight. Worrying doesn’t change a thing, but if it becomes anxiety in the long term it can lead to depression. If weight and self-image is part of the problem, by taking action to make even small possible changes to your situation, you will start to feel better immediately because a) you are taking back control, b) you will sleep better and feel refreshed instead of tired when you wake up, and c) you will be taking positive steps towards reducing your weight and feeling good as your clothes start to feel a little looser!

It can be very easy to be drawn into a cycle of anxiety, poor sleep and eating too many carbohydrates, but the cycle can be changed.

If you would like advice on how to restore your body’s natural rhythm and start losing that weight, why not give me a call today?

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"Hypnosis is widely promoted as a treatment for various long-term conditions and for breaking certain habits."

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